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While Dubai is slowly coming out of lockdown, the dangers of the Coronavirus are still there which is why the government has cracked down on those breaking social distancing rules.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority Tweeted a series of updates aimed at reinforcing measures. And warning those who broke the rules of the new punishments.

All residents must wear a mask in public and social distancing must be observed in all public places.

The update also reminded people that ‘Family visits are limited to visiting first-degree relatives only.’ And residnets must take into account ‘physical distancing, especially with the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases.’

It’s still against the rules to gather in ‘public and private places, in homes, farms, and apartments are prohibited.’

And those found breaking the social distancing rules in Dubai could face six months in prison and AED100,000 fines.

Permission needed to leave the country

If you’re thinking of getting away to beat the summer heat or catch up with family and loved ones, Dubai residents will need to get government permission before booking their travel.

Now that travel restrictions are starting to be lifted, residents are looking to travel.

Passengers in Dubai must fill out this online form for Dubai’s immigration service. If successful, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) will give you a reference number. You’ll then need this to book a flight with an airline.

It’s the same system that’s in use for Dubai residents stuck abroad and looking to get back to the UAE. And the process ensures that you’re able to return to the country as well as properly leave.

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