UAE drug bust
UAE drug bust

Breaking Bad, Dubai! 70-year-old masterminds huge drug deal

In what could well be a Breaking Bad: Dubai storyline, a Dubai sniffer dog pulled off the drug bust of the century after a 70-year-old was caught trying to smuggle 5.6 tonnes of Captagon pills into Dubai.

The elderly Arab man went undercover as a poor man for the plot as he tried to smuggle 35 million pills into the country. The bust was stopped at Jebel Ali with the drugs thought to have a street value of AED1.8 billion.

The man regularly received aid from charities and posed as a poor person for his smuggling operation. He was the mastermind behind the operation alongside three others to smuggle the drugs into the country inside reels of electric cable.

Pule 2, to the rescue!

But they didn’t count on Pule 2, the German Shepherd sniffer dog with a heightened sense of smell, who caught a whiff of the drugs operation.

Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, said “The drugs were hidden inside containers coming through Jebel Ali Port. A K9 dog that has been in the force for seven years identified the drug reels and helped foil the smuggling attempt.”

In total, nearly 200 containers were caught coming from Syria, making it the largest drug bust in Dubai.

“We took the reels to extract the drugs. Each reel had 500 metres of cables. It took us four days to open the reels and seize the drugs worth Dh1.8 billion in the market. It was a sophisticated operation due to the high level of cooperation between different departments,” Maj Gen al Mansouri said.

Captagon is an illegal pain killer in the UAE. Just last year, another five million pills were caught by UAE customs.

And drugs aren’t the only thing that people try to smuggle into the UAE, as we discovered recently!