British Mother Arrested In Dubai After Calling Love Rival A “Horse”

Officers at the UAE’s Public Prosecution jailed a British mother after insulting her ex-husband’s wife on social media platform Facebook three years ago.

18 years of marriage

Laleh Shahravesh, a 55-year-old London-based mother was married to her ex-husband for 18 years and have a 14-year-old daughter together. However, Laleh moved back to the UK with her child while the husband continued to work in the UAE. The couple got divorced eventually, and the daughter continued to live with her mother.

Mother calls her ex-husband‘s wife a “horse” on Facebook

In 2016, Laleh returned to the UAE to sign the divorce paperwork. Soon after returning back to the UK, she discovered her husband was getting re-married, after posting images on Facebook. The 55-year-old mother posted a couple of comments in Farsi, including one which read, “I hope you go under the ground you idiot. Damn you. You left me for this horse,” according to BBC. The ex-husband’s new love interest reported her comments to relevant authorities in Dubai, which was termed as defamatory.

Photograph credit: Facebook

Imprisonment over defamatory comments

Laleh returned to Dubai with her daughter last month to attend the funeral of her ex-husband, who passed away due to a heart attack. The duo was caught at Dubai International Airport ahead of their flight back to London. The mother was sentenced to pay a fine of £50,000 (AED 239.5k) or has to spend two years in jail for her defamatory comments on Facebook. The daughter had to fly back to London alone.