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Businessman Caught Bribing DEWA Employee AED 110,000

A businessman is standing trial for bribing a Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) employee, offering him Dhs 110,000.

Dhs 110,000 bribe

A 36-year-old Bangladeshi business owner offered Dhs 110,000 to a DEWA employee, to reconnect electricity and water to 11 villas.

A domestic worker and a tourist are facing trial too, for brokering the deal.

DEWA disconnection due to unpaid bills and violations

Public Prosecution records reveal DEWA stopped electricity and water supply due to unpaid outstanding bills and violations made against the authority.

The DEWA employee reported to a police lieutenant about the fraud, and to the prosecutor about the bribing, leading to a court case between the employee and the Bangladeshi businessman.

Misuse of villas

When presented to the court, the businessman revealed renting 11 houses as an “investment.”

However, his ownership is in breach of Dubai Municipality regulations. Eventually, DEWA disconnected essential supplies because “the owner would rent the house to many families.”

Businessman’s bribe caught in a sting operation in UAE

Last March, police officers caught the businessman and two brokers during a meeting at a café in UAE to discuss the bribing activity.

A final verdict will be revealed on 10th July.

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