Cannibal rats on the rise due to Coronavirus
Cannibal rats on the rise due to Coronavirus

Cannibal rats on the rise due to the Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus lockdown hasn’t just been hard for humans, it’s been tough for rats as well.

With restaurants closed, takeaways shut and streets empty due to the Coronavirus, rats have lost a lot of their natural food supply. So to compensate, the rats have been foraging and breeding in people’s homes and gardens. And, when times get really tough, they’ve started turning on their own.

Rat eat rat world

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already warned of “unusual or aggressive” behaviour in rats, including parents eating their young.

The UK has also seen a huge surge in pest control demand, with Rentokil reporting 80% more traffic on their site this year.

Factor in warm weather and people spending more time at home in 2020, and it’s no surprise that rats have followed their noses and are starting to be a lot more common at home.

And, according to UK experts, they’re masters at getting in. They can crawl up drains, bit through plastic piping and even come in through the toilet bowl. Which we honestly thought would be the worst thing we write in this feature. But no. This next sentence is worse.

Demand is rising quickly for rat flaps on toilet waste pipes. Meaning ‘waste’ can flow down and rats will get turned into shredded meat if they push through.

“Customers have all commented on how much braver and more brazen the rats have become,” says Nick Woodroffe of Peak Pest Control in the UK.

Let’s hope the UAE’s National Sterilisation programme helped deal with rats in Dubai!