Photograph credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Car Collision In Abu Dhabi Caught On Surveillance Camera

Footage revealed by Abu Dhabi Police shows the moments a Toyota Previa slammed into a Mitsubishi Lancer in the capital this week.

Abu Dhabi car collision

Car accidents happen for a multitude of reasons, and lane changing is often a factor behind collisions. In the video released by Abu Dhabi Police, the Toyota Previa was shown switching three lanes at once, to make an exit, which eventually ended with the driver crashing into a Mitsubishi Lancer in the last lane without checking the blind spot. Check it out:

Zero tolerance for reckless driving

Abu Dhabi Police’s video also comes with an advisory to motorists in the UAE, warning there’s zero tolerance for reckless driving and swerving in the capital. They say swerving “is one of the main causes of traffic accidents” and warned they will “exercise a zero tolerance for errant and reckless drivers.‬“

Check out the recent footage of a brutal car collision leading to a spin

Last month, Abu Dhabi Police revealed footage of a hatchback crashing into a sedan at a junction in Abu Dhabi, leading the sedan to spin 180 degrees and was close to crashing three pedestrians. The crash also led to a Dhs 800 fine with four black points for the hatchback driver for being distracted while driving. Take a look at the footage: