Car drives into the sea in Dubai after failing to unload jetski
Car drives into the sea in Dubai after failing to unload jetski

Car goes for a drive in the sea in Dubai after driver tries to unload jet-ski

You know it’s not going to be your day/month/year when you try to take your jet ski out for a ride and instead drive your car into the sea.

The accident happened earlier today in Umm Suqeim 2 and no one was injured.

As you can see from the image below, the car was totally submerged after the accident. But Dubai police were able to tow the car back to land after a short drive in the sea. And we expect with a couple of fish and lobsters on board for tea as well!

“We received the call at 1:22pm about car that had fallen into the sea,” said Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Al Naqbi, the director of Maritime Rescue at Port Police Station in a statement.

“The driver lost control of the vehicle while trying to put the jet-ski into the sea. The car then slid into the sea.”

It’s a shame James Bond wasn’t behind the wheel, otherwise he might have tried to recreate this timeless movie scene!

Although it’s possible, perhaps, the driver got confused about the location of the new drive-thru shop that’s just launched in Dubai? For the avoidance of doubt, it’s located at Etihad Mall near Mirdiff, not at the bottom of the sea…