Car owners spent nearly dhs 20 million at the RTA number plate auction

Last Saturday at the 98th Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) public auction, a total of 19.9 million Dirhams were spent on purchasing exclusive vehicle number plates.

The highest bid was dhs 2.62 million for the number plate ‘W 22’.

From the 80 number plates part of the auction, the number plate ‘W 22’ fetched the highest price, for Dhs 2.6 million. This was followed by the number plate ‘T 32’, sold for Dhs 1.68 million. Alongside, five digit number plates collected a huge amount too, with ‘T 88888’ auctioned at Dhs 710,000 and ‘R 66666’ auctioned at Dhs 670,000.

Vehicle number plate auctions is part of RTA’s strategic goals.

One of the strategic goals for RTA is ‘Peoples’ Happiness’, wherein the auctions contribute to the passion of car owners to own distinguished vehicle number plates. In the Middle East, number plates have a reputation for being costly especially if they have lesser digits or there’s a pattern between them.

One lucky winner went home with a distinguished number.

Attendees who registered for the auction stood a chance to win the number ‘J 468’. However, in order to register, one had to deposit dhs 25,000 which can be redeemed if no purchases were done. A fees of dhs 120 was to be paid as a subscription fees out of which 5% went to the bidding amount.

The RTA vehicle number plate auction was held last Saturday. For more information, go to