Photograph credit: Pixabay

Car Theft Involving Emirati’s Lamborghini Discovered In Eastern Europe

Oh no! Abdullah Al Fahim, an Emirati who took his Lamborghini Aventador for a vacation in France wanted to ship it to London, but the shipping company had other plans of dealing with the car.

Shipping company was a fraud

Seeing that the Emirati was enjoying his vacation at Cannes, France after posting an image of his car being shipped, a fake car shipping company approached him and offered him shipping services. They struck a deal to ship the car from Cannes to London. However, after the fake company picked up his car, the Emirati car owner was unable to communicate with the company.

His number got blocked

Speaking to Khaleej Times, the 30-year old Emirati said his number got blocked and realized it was a fake shipping company. He said “The so-called company picked up my car from the Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes where I was staying. A day before I flew to London, the man called me and said the Lamborghini will be at the hotel in London in one hour. He blocked my number after that and I never heard from him again”.

Viral social media posts helped police locate the car

What’s interesting is that he fell victim to the fraud through social media and even got saved by the communication medium. With the help of the UAE embassy in London, Interpol and a couple of posts on social media, The European Police Office eventually found the car in Poland. According to Khaleej Times, the car was shipped from Cannes to Italy to Poland.