Careem pulled a hilarious prank on April Fool’s Day

Taking its innovation to a whole new level with the introduction of the space travel app, the transport company described the fake venture as “the most gigantic leap for the #spacehailing industry since 1969”.


SPACE could take you to Mars.

In the video, Magnus Olsso, the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer claims the app can take you to the Moon and Mars as he swiped through the planets on the app. What’s more, he even introduced the option to go as a group in their ‘Wink 1’ or the alone in the ‘Go Astro’ from their ‘rides’ section.


It’s not the first time they pulled off a prank.

Last year, they launched the prank ‘Careem Smile Toothbrush’ which could give you a free Careem ride every morning by just pressing a button on its toothbrush and was presented with all sorts of high technology. Not only that, in 2015, they launched the ‘Careem Residence’ offer, a large vehicle with high end amenities. However, it was a matter of hours till their social media followers realized it was an April Fool’s Day prank.
Careem wasn’t the only brand to pull off a prank.

Several brands in town marked the day with pranks that were too good to be true. Emirates Airlines announced the introduction of the ‘Skyview’ lounge which provided views outside while passengers were on board while Reel Cinemas introduced a popcorn unheard of, a ‘vanillar and pickle’ flavoured popcorn. Previously, JadoPado too took UAE by shock by announcing they’re developing the ‘world’s largest mall’.
Careem Pakistan pulled off a prank too.

What seemed more of a contest, they gave away Rs10,000 credit for free if social media users changed their name to ‘Careem’ or added ‘Careem’ to their name. Even though there were no responses by users claiming their free credit, they received a reply saying “Kindly stay tuned to our Facebook page for the further updates.”

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