Photograph credit: dayofdubai

Careem’s revised fares can make commuting more economical

Ride-hailing service Careem has announced new fares which will differ during peak and non-peak hours and has made changes to its moving and waiting fares.


Standard fares can be as cheap as 5.4 dhs

Before the new fares implemented on May 7th, the standard base fare was 8 dhs. The new fares start from 5.4 dhs, 6.7 dhs and 10.6 dhs based on the time of the day. Whereas, the minimum fare has reduced to 15 dhs, reduced by 1.5 dirhams, moving fares have slightly increased from 2.24 dhs/km to 2.38 dhs/km and waiting fares have reduced from 58.4 dhs/km to 51.5 dhs/km. The fares exclude booking fees.

Type of service Old fares New fares
Base fare 8 dhs 5.4/6.7/10.6 dhs
Minimum fare 16.5 dhs 15 dhs
Moving fare (per km) 2.24 dhs 2.38 dhs
Waiting fares 58.4 dhs 51.5 dhs

New fares are applicable to Careem Kids too

Families and parents will benefit from the new fares too since the fares are applicable to their year-old segment ‘Careem Kids’. The service keeps children’s safety as their priority and has child’s seats installed and can add more upon requests.


Uber had changed its fares too

Few weeks ago, luxury ride-hailing service Uber had introduced new fares which vary based on the time of the day. Careem and Uber share the same pricing for base fares, minimum fares and charges a moving fare of 2.25 dhs per km. Their services are exclusive of VAT.

Photograph credit: Discover SG