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Fortnite bans Jarvis Kaye

Fortnite Bans Jarvis Kaye From The Game After Cheating Scandal

The popular game Fortnite, which has taken the gaming world by storm, has banned one of its professional players, Jarvis Kaye, for life after he was caught cheating. Jarvis Kaye caught using aimbots British teenager, Jarvis Kaye, is a professi...
Call of Duty

Latest Call of Duty Release Brings in $600M In Just 3 days

The latest Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare was released on 25th October and grossed over $600M (AED 2.2 bn) in sell-through in the first 3 days! It looks like fans of Call of Duty are over the moon that the first-person shooter game is back i...
Jaguar Gran Turismo Sport Concept Car EV Vision

Jaguar Debuts All-Electric Sports Car For Gran Turismo Sport

UK car manufacturing giant, Jaguar revealed a futuristic all-electric hypercar exclusively for the PlayStation 4 game, ‘Gran Turismo Sport.’ Concept GT coupe by Jaguar exclusively for Gran Turismo Sport In a first, The British car maker launc...