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CCTV Footage Captures Saudi Thief Stealing Car And Crashing Into Owner

Riyadh Police have arrested a Saudi national for stealing a car that was left unlocked and crashing into the owner.

Thief caught stealing car and crashing the owner

Stealing a car is one thing, but mowing down its owner, makes things a whole lot worse. With the help of CCTV footage, Riyadh Police were able to catch the 30-year-old thief who stole an unlocked Hyundai Elantra. The owner of the vehicle ran towards the car and as he opened the door, the thief turned and sped away.

Car owners warned

Riyadh Police warned car owners to keep their vehicles locked at all times. Last year, Abu Dhabi Jurisdiction had warned motorists to keep their cars locked; a viral video showed a mother leaving her child in an unlocked car and a thief speeding away with the car, breaking a signal and meeting with a fatal accident. Check it out:

Check out another bizarre motor-related incident in Saudi Arabia

Without doubt, Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest car-crazy countries in the region and the country has witnessed some insane car-related incidents over the years! Last April, a viral video captured two Saudi men driving an exotic Aston Martin through a mall in Riyadh. The security officer who shot the video, claimed the duo “rented” the entire mall so they could shop with the ease of driving their car around. Check out the footage: