Arab family Tarom flight dragged out

Chaos on Tarom Airlines Flight After Police Drag Arab Family Off Plane

An elderly Moroccan woman and her family were forcefully dragged off a Tarom Airlines flight after she spat on an attendant.

Here’s how the incident started

A Tarom Airlines flight, RO0101, flying from Amsterdam to Cairo landed at Bucharest, Romania for a stopover.

The airport was crowded at that time of transit. Passengers from three flights had to clear security control. Luckily, the flight was delayed.

Woman couldn’t understand emergency exit rules and spat on a flight attendant

The woman, who only spoke French, was seated in the emergency exit row and couldn’t understand the flight attendants speaking in English and Romanian.

The chaos started when the woman spat at a flight attendant. She was moved to the back row of the plane.

Police dragged her family out of the plane

Passengers inside the RO0101 flight were shocked when Romanian police entered the plane. They aggressively dragged the woman, her Egyptian husband, and their children off the plane. The woman suffers from diabetes and had a diabetic attack. One passenger seated next to her asked the officers to get a translator to help her. However, they said it’s the captain’s “order” to remove her from the flight.

Everyone was told to leave the plane, leading the flight to be delayed for several hours more.

Here’s what Egypt’s Ministry of Immigration says

They say, “The nuisance woman did not understand Romanian or English, and the seat she occupied was not reserved for her, so the crew acted in accordance with established procedures. The passenger was asked to move to her seat, but she refused.”

Tarom Airlines ‘regret’ the incident

The Romanian airline says, “We regret what happened, but we cannot fail to respect European regulations or allow a passenger to endanger the safety and security of other passengers.

Arab family Tarom flight dragged out