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VIDEO: Chaotic Night For UFC After McGregor Vs Khabib Ends In Mass Brawl

As if defeating UFC’s biggest star Conor McGregor wasn’t enough at UFC 229, Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nuramgomedov sparked a near-riot by jumping over the cage and attacking his team mate Dillon Dannis.

Disgraceful ending

Right after tapping out McGregor in the fourth round, Khabib climbed out of the Octagon towards McGregor’s team starting a fight against Dillon Danis. Then, one of ‘The Eagle’s teammates jumped into the Octagon and sucker punch McGregor from behind leading to massive outrage at the T Mobile Arena. Spectators booed Khabib’s team and the melee ensued as security and police tried to break it up.

No lightweight belt for Khabib

Seeing the chaos Khabib created, UFC President Dana White decided not to give him the lightweight belt after his victory believing the crowd “would throw whatever they got.” No post fight speeches were made either. Ultimately, both the UFC stars were escorted by the police and octagon announcer Bruce Buffer declared Khabib the winner. The announcement received jeers from the crowd since most of the fans in attendance supported McGregor.

Three of Khabib’s team arrested

Currently, three people from Khabib’s team have been arrested for initiating the fight with McGregor and his team. Dana White indicated they might never be allowed to enter the US again. He said “Three of Khabib’s guys have been arrested. They are on their way to jail. There will [be] charges filed against them I’m sure. These guys may never get a visa to get back in the country.”

Khabib’s paycheck withheld

Bob Bennett, Executive Director at Nevada State Athletic Commission ordered for Khabib’s paycheck to be withheld. At the post-fight press conference, Dana White said “I just spoke to Bob Bennett from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, he said they have looked at some stuff already and they have made the decision that they will not withhold McGregor’s cheque, but they are withholding Khabib’s.” He even announced McGregor isn’t going to press charges against the three arrested men.

Bad blood

McGregor and Khabib’s feud started last March when the Irish UFC star attacked the Dagestani whilst on a bus throwing a metal dolly at it which injured two UFC fighters after a promotional event. Charges were filed against him, including criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. Eventually, the case was settled with McGregor required to perform five days of community service.