Photograph credit: Twitter/DXBMediaOffice

Check Out The First Look Of The Dubai-Abu Dhabi’s Proposed Hyperloop

Since the Hyperloop concept was introduced two years ago to connect Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there has been a great deal of hype because of its unimaginable concept and a first look has been revealed by digital media network, Seeker.

Hyperloop has a top speed of 700 km/h

Virgin’s tech team has unquestionably raised the bar for transportation to another level with the development of Hyperloop pods. Its pods can speed up to a rapid 700 km/h, which means it will take just “12 minutes” to reach the capital instead of “one and a half hours” by traditional means of transportation, according to Seeker. It’s expected the less travelling time can save up to $800 million.

Photograph credit: Seeker

Mars Science City is expected to be connected by pods

Experiments and testing for the pods are going on at the Mars Science City, a simulation city where tech companies are researching about the ability of humans to live on Mars. Alongside, even DP World has partnered with Virgin Hyperloop to come up with high-speed cargo systems, that can travel goods at a top speed of 1,200 km/h.

Photograph credit: Twitter/DXBMediaOffice
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