Jetman Italy Dolomites
Photograph credit: Jetman (official Instagram page)

Check Out ‘The Jetman’ Flying Over Italy’s Alps!

Former Swiss military pilot Yves Rossy, aka ‘The Jetman’, posted another adrenaline-fuelled video of himself, flying over Italy’s Dolomites.

Jetman soars over the Italian Alps!

It goes without saying, that Yves Rossy is the ultimate adrenaline junkie.

His exploits have been well documented over the years, whether it’s crossing the English Channel, flying over the Grand Canyon or soaring through the Dubai skies.

Jetman Italy

Photograph credit: Instagram

Similarly, this time, 59-year old ‘Jetman’ shared an incredible new vertigo-inducing footage, showing him soar over the Dolomites mountain range in Italy, regarded as Italy’s ‘Alps’. Take a look:

Jetman documentary in the works

Last November, XDubai released a jaw-dropping trailer for ‘The Jetman’, named ‘Loft’. The trailer showed Yves Rossy and two pilots soar the skies of the Sunnylvsfjorden fjord, in Norway.

Fun fact: the fjord is Europe’s tallest vertical mountain wall, spanning up to 26 kilometers. Check it out:

Remember when Yves Rossy flew besides an Emirates airplane?

One of Rossy’s most popular stunts happened in Dubai four years ago, when he and his protégé flew in tandem with an Emirates A380 flight. The video received a whopping 25 million views! Take a look:

Dubai a playground for adventure sports!

Simply put, Dubai is a playground for action-packed stunts, whether it’s motorsports or parkour-related stunts.

Last January, famed rider Kriss Kyle took over our city, plunging across some of Dubai’s famous landmarks, from Burj Al Arab to Dubai Frame, Wild Wadi and Burj Khalifa.

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