Photograph credit: YouTube/Leesa A

Check Out This Darig Rap Video Celebrating The Saudi Driving Ban Lift

Saudi Arabia’s historic decision to lift the controversial ban on women driving is being celebrated widely across the country and this rap video has a lot of bold phrases breaking the gender norms.

Hear out the daring lyrics

Rapper Leesa has penned some lines that are totally savage! Some of her lyrics deal with not being dependent anymore, “Today is the 10th. That means no need for taxis. The steering wheel in my hands. I smash the pedal under my foot. I won’t need anyone to drive me” while another line shows she’s got no chill; “Careful, don’t slam the door hard. That was before. Now if you slam it hard, I’ll tie you with the seat belt.” What’s more, her video has already got one million views.

Women driving movements were going on for a decade

Since 2007, there have been campaigns and movements entirely run by women calling for the driving ban on women to be lifted. The Women2Drive movement was monumental in calling for legalization since they took to YouTube to post videos of women driving and had spread the issue online, which caught the attention of the world. The movements were on until September last year when Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the grant to let women drive.

Photograph credit: Al Yunaniya

Driving for women was made legal on June 24th

Roughly ten days ago, Saudi women marked the historic day as it was made legal for them to drive. Photographs and videos were circulated around social media showing women excited about driving. Originally, the ban on women driving was part of the ‘Wahhabism’ law that Saudi Arabia strictly follows.

Car manufacturers have supported this move too

Lifting the ban isn’t good news only to women but car manufacturers have supported this move too. Initially, Ford Middle East showed their support by posting an image of a woman’s eyes on the rearview mirror with the description, “Welcome to the driving seat”, while Audi recently came up with a bold advertisement showing a woman opening the passenger seat for her husband and she takes over the driving seat. Take a look.