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Chef Gary Rhodes Planning A New TV Show Based On The Middle East

Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes is in Dubai, and we had the chance to talk to him about some of his upcoming ventures in the Middle East.

Gary Rhodes’ upcoming TV show in the Middle East

As of now, the TV show is still in the works. Gary Rhodes claims it won’t be released “until next year in the UK.”

He said, “I may well be doing a TV series later in the year. It won’t be released until next year in the UK, but it will be all about the Middle East. It will be all about Dubai, the UAE and many other places.”

Gary Rhodes the chef behind ‘THEATRE By Rhodes’

Having launched regionally in 2015, Gary Rhodes’ luxury dine-in cinema concept, ‘THEATRE by Rhodes’ serves a three-course meal, inspired by the celebrity chef, as guests sit on reclining seats and enjoy the show. 

gary rhodes middle east tv show theatre by rhodes

Not to mention the beverages, they serve specially crafted mocktails and freshly prepared juice.

Rhodes describes the culinary offerings as having a “different balance of flavours, different textures” and a “different personality.”

Location Based Menus 

Each location has a different menu to cater to the many cultures that reside in the UAE.  Locations like Mall of The Emirates and Mirdiff City Centre serve a combination of international and Emirati culinary offerings.

While ‘Gold By Rhodes,’ at Burjuman and City Centre Deira, serves an Asian-inspired menu. 

UAE opened its doors to a “wider audience”

Having spent 12 years in the UAE’s dining scene, Rhodes says the country has opened its doors to “wider audiences” with its variety of restaurants today.

He says, “Things have certainly changed. There weren’t so many restaurants here. So, it’s a good thing that this country has really opened the doors to a wider audience. And I think as well, to the younger audience. The audience has become younger and younger. So, it was the right thing to do. There’s a huge variety, and that’s what I find exciting. There’s always fresh competition, and competition is never a bad thing.”