China lockdown lifted
China lockdown lifted

China lifts the lockdown in Wuhan, ground zero for Coronavirus

China has announced it’s lifting its city-wide lockdown in Wuhan on April 8, two months after the city was sealed off from the rest of the world.

Wuhan was ground zero for the outbreak and experienced some of the highest casualty rates when the Coronavirus first started spreading.

At its peak, Wuhan recorded thousands of new cases each day. And in total, the area has accounted for nearly 70,000 cases out of 300,000 worldwide.

But, after no new cases for five consecutive days, the lockdown appears to have worked and life will slowly be restored to Wuhan.

Lockdown lifted

While we shouldn’t read too much into it, it’s great news that China is lifting some of its lockdown measures.

The city of 11 million people was placed under state-run lockdown on January 23. All flights, trains and buses were cancelled.

The government will issue a series of codes to the population. Those who have been diagnosed or had symptoms will get a red code. Their close contacts will get a yellow code. And those who had no symptoms and are not in their database will get green codes.

And those with green codes will be able to travel around the city and the region.

Businesses in Wuhan will also slowly come back to life after a risk assessment. China haven’t announced when schools and universities will re-open, however.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, guys! But until then, please, please, please stay home!