China now using anal swabs to test for Covid-19
China now using anal swabs to test for Covid-19

China now using anal swabs to test for Covid-19

Residents in China are now being tested for Covid-19 by using anal swabs as experts say it’s more accurate at detecting the virus.

Aaaaaarrrgggggghhhhh! And just when you thought 2021 couldn’t get any worse!

If you are feeling a bit squeamish, please don’t read the below paragraph.

The swab must be inserted into the anus by 2 or 3cm and then rotated several times. The swab then has to be placed in a sterile container, with the whole process lasting around 10 seconds.

And according to some experts, this technique is much better at detecting the virus than the more-common nose and throat swabs. It’s also reportedly better at determining whether you have Covid-19 if you’re asymptomatic.

According to Li Tongzeng, from the Beijing You’an Hospital, the virus survives much longer in excrement or the anus than it does in the throat and nasal passage.

“If we conduct anal swabs for nucleic acid testing, it would increase the detection rates of patients and lower the chance of a missed diagnosis.” Well, that’s an interesting fact.

While anal swabs aren’t the most common test, they are used in Chinese quarantine centres where they have access to patients over a long period of time. Presumably so they have time to pluck up the courage to say yes to rectal swab.

Beijing has tested more than three million people since January 17 after a young boy was found with symptoms.

UAE may require annual Covid-19 vaccine

People in the UAE will probably need an annual Covid-19 vaccine to protect themselves from the virus according to a leading UAE health official.

This is due to the number of mutations that have been discovered in recent months.

“The more virus mutates, the more likely it is we’ll need to vaccinate annually against it,” said Dr Farida Al Hosani, the spokeswoman for the UAE’s government health authorities said recently during an online panel.