Chinese app DingTalk removed
Chinese app DingTalk removed

Chinese Coronavirus kids get one over schools by removing their homework app

Look hard enough and there are always some funny, light-hearted stories amongst the bad news – and that’s the case with this story about a Chinese homework app!

The location is Wuhan in China, ground zero for the Coronavirus outbreak.

With Wuhan schools under quarantine, students are required to submit their homework via an app, DingTalk. So far, so normal as the schools use technology to their advantage.

On the first day back at virtual school, DingTalk was used by over 50 million students and 600,000 teachers.

But the smart, smart kids realized that if their homework app got enough one-star reviews, it would be removed from the App store.

And that’s exactly what happened. The kids spammed the App Store with 1-star reviews to get their homework app removed.

Chinese homework app deleted

The Chinese homework app news was revealed by Wang Xiuying in the London Schools of Books feature.

And as you’d expect, Twitter was quick to applaud the move from the kids.

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