Photograph credit: Public Domain Pictures

Chinese man opens emergency exit on flight because ‘the air was too stuffy’

Due to the air being ‘stuffy’ and ‘hot’, a Chinese passenger traveling from Hainan island to Sichuan, China ended up opening the emergency exit and has now been slapped with hefty fines.

Fines for the action is reported at ¥ 68,994(Dhs 39,788)

Without asking the flight attendants, the passenger, identified as Chen, 25 years old, went on to open the emergency exit and has been fined Dhs 39,788 “for the unauthorized removal of aviation facilities” by budget airline Lucky Air, as reported by South China Morning Post. Along with the fine, Chen has been jailed for 15 days.

Slide evacuation damages are yet to be added

Costs for the damages done to the slide evacuation are yet to be added and if it does, the fine would increase by a large amount. His incident has cost major flight delays, costing the airlines ¥100,000(Dhs 57, 684), according to The Independent.

China has had such a situation in the past too

Four years ago, a mid-50 years old Chinese passenger, flying by air travel for the first time on Xiamen Air, had pulled the emergency exit because he “just wanted fresh air”, according to The Guardian. The incident cost the airline ¥100,000(Dhs 57, 684) and the flight was eventually delayed by an hour.

Photograph credit: People’s Daily