Christmas has come early as there's a festive brunch this weekend in Dubai
Christmas has come early as there's a festive brunch this weekend in Dubai

Christmas has come early with a festive Dubai brunch this weekend

Ever wished that there was more than one Christmas Day each year? Well, that dream can come true (in a way) as there’s a Christmas Brunch this Friday. During July. In the Middle East.

Yalumba is throwing their Mid-Summer Christmas Brunch this Friday. And they’ve gone all-in on the Christmas theme, despite it being nearly 50 degrees outside and blazing sunshine.

There will be turkey and Christmas crackers, presents and candy cane treats. And they’re even playing seasonal tunes as you sit down to your turkey and brussel sprouts.

Which honestly makes us feel pretty queasy. But we’re sure there are loads of people who’ll go for this!

The Mid-Summer Christmas brunch runs from 1-4 pm with prices starting from AED199.

So if waiting another six months is just too much, you can get your Christmas fix this weekend. You absolute wrong ‘uns.

You can now book tickets for Deep Dive Dubai

If Christmas brunch in July doesn’t get you going, how about Deep Dive Dubai?

The hype for Deep Dive Dubai took over the internet in Dubai when it was first announced and you can now give it a try yourself.

The world’s deepest pool is open to the public from tomorrow, Wednesday, July 28. And tickets start from AED400 if you want to check out the 60m-deep pool.

Deep Dive Dubai will be open five days a week from Wednesday to Sunday. And you don’t need to be a scuba diving expert to try it out. They have a snorkelling experience and a range of more in-depth dive experiences.

It will cost AED1,200 to dive down to 30m with a guide. Or you can choose the free dive option for AED900. And if you’re a beginner, sign up for the ‘Discover’ diving experience, priced at Dhs1,500.