Climate crisis! Antarctica currently as warm as Dubai

Record temperatures in Antarctica have put the icy continent at the same temperature as Dubai.

The scorching temperatures were recorded by Brazilian scientists on Seymour Island. And they were nearly a degree higher than the previous record of 19.8°C recorded on Signy Island in January 1982.

In fact, the temperatures recorded last week of 20.75°C in Antarctica were actually higher than in Dubai where temperatures hovered just below 20°C.

The unwanted record comes a week after the Antarctic Peninsula recorded temperatures of 18.3°C, the highest ever recorded on the mainland.

Climate crisis

Scientists say the record temperatures are part of a worrying trend. The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the fastest-warming regions on earth.

Average temperatures have increased by almost three degrees over the last 50 years. Which in turn has led to the Antarctic, the world’s largest ice field, melting and causing rising sea levels.

The World Meteorological Organisation calculates that Antarctica is losing ice six times faster than in 1979.

Naturally, Dubai has a bold plan to try and help with the global climate crisis. The UAE Iceberg Project hopes to tow some huge icebergs from Antarctica to Dubai to help save water and influence the weather in the region.