Photograph credit: Pixabay

Close To 5,000 Social Media Accounts in Dubai Have Been Shut Down

Consumer rights continue to be a top priority to Dubai’s Economy Department(DED) as they’ve shut down thousands of social media accounts and websites to prevent frauds.

Fake goods were being sold on the accounts

DED’s Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection(CCCP) sector shut down 4,879 social media accounts and 30 websites for selling fake goods and items, leading to the negative fear about the dangers of shopping online among consumers. These accounts attracted a following of 33 million in total. To achieve this, some of them wrongfully used hashtags associated with national initiatives, such as #MyDubai and #VisitAbuDhabi.

More than Dhs1 billion fake items were destroyed in 2017

Last year, CCP seized a whopping number of 26.2 million fake goods and items worth Dhs 1.19 billion. In fact, they hosted a ceremony inviting trademark owners, law firms and media outlets to witness the fake goods being crushed. From the Dhs 1 billion worth of goods, there were shoes, estimated at Dhs 400 million, followed by bags and leather products worth Dhs 72.1 million. Plus, items related to cosmetics, phone accessories, construction materials, batteries and automobile spare parts contributed to the huge chunk of the 26.2 million fake goods.

Fake items worth Dhs33 million were seized in one day

Recently, Dubai Police discovered counterfeit goods at a warehouse in Ras Al Khor and at a villa at Hamriya. Most of the items discovered in the raid were fake luxury watches, worth Dhs 23 million discovered at the warehouse, while the villa had fake items worth Dhs 33 million. DED has urged the public that in case of any fraud e-commerce is happening or fake items are being sold, one can report to the department by calling 600545555 or by reporting to their social media handles on Instagram and Twitter(@dubai.consumers).