Manjunath Naidu Stand-up comedian Dubai-based Indian

Comedian Passes Away On Stage During Gig In Dubai

Dubai-based Indian stand-up comedian Manjunath Naidu passed away on stage due to a cardiac arrest during a gig last Friday, 19th July.

Indian Comedian passed away on stage during live gig

Last Friday, 19th July, Manjunath Naidu passed away while performing live on stage at Racy Desis, in Clavichord, Signature Hotel. He was a Dubai-based Indian comedian who’s been on the UAE’s comedy scene for five years.

Manjunath Naidu Stand-up comedian Dubai-based Indian

The show’s PR Manager, Sana Topiwala told a local newspaper that Naidu complained about anxiety and was finding it hard to catch his breath. She said, “He suddenly started to pant and sat down on the bench to catch his breath,”

Eventually, Naidu collapsed in the midst of his performance, in front of 80 people.

Reported cardiac arrest

Parademics rushed him to Al Zahra Hospital in Al Barsha. They attempted a cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedure and injected Naidu with adrenaline, but it was too late. He passed away due to a reported cardiac arrest.

Outpouring of condolences

Salman Z Qureshi, a rising comedian on the local comedy circuit, says “He was the most incredible of comedians and actors. Those who were lucky to have been blessed with his presence in their lives know they don’t make ‘em like him.

“The world has lost so much goodness today. If the rest of you knew, you would shed tears like his friends are doing so.”