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The UAE has been experiencing some pretty wild weather this week including heavy rain and sandstorms. And it’s all thanks to a prolonged spell of convective clouds and a little dash of cloud seeding.

The National Center of Meteorology has been warning of the adverse weather for the last few days. And has posted some pretty extreme videos considering we’re in the middle of July! This video was taken from Soyouh, Sharjah yesterday.

And while this sandstorm or shamal near Sharjah isn’t quite on the same level as the one from Mission Impossible in Dubai, it’s still pretty impressive!

And check out this torrential rain storm.

The NCMS are warning that there are more convective clouds in the region and they’re still continuing their cloud-seeding policy.

Thankfully, better UAE weather is on the horizon from Friday onwards. Meaning we’ll just have to contend with temperatures above 40 degrees and humidity of 50%.

Which is literally a walk in the park for most hardened Dubai people. Followed by diving into whichever AC-cooled room they can find straight after to recover, of course.

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