Coronavirus UAE
Coronavirus UAE

Coronavirus update: UAE patients to be discharged in 14 days

The UAE reported its first case of the deadly Coronavirus on Wednesday, but the good news is that the diagnosed family will be discharged in 14 days.

The Chinese family of four were travelling from Wuhan, where the Coronavirus strain originated and were quickly picked up by the UAE authorities after showing symptoms.

The Ministry of Health confirmed the family were stable and under medical observation.

Dr Hussein Al Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Centres and Clinics, Ministry of Health and Prevention and Chairman of the National Committee for the Implementation of the Provisions of the International Health Regulations and Prevention of Pandemics, told Gulf News, “The condition of the family is good. They are stable. They are receiving all necessary medical care and will be discharged in 14 days’ time.”

Global pandemic?

The Wuhan strain of the coronavirus has killed over 170 people and infected more than 7,000 people. The latest reports indicate the virus has spread to over 20 countries, but with no fatalities to date.

The World Health Organisation announced that it was teaming up with the World Economic Forum to create a Pandemic Supply Chain Network to combat the spread of the disease.

It is a market Network that seeks to provide a platform for data sharing, market visibility, and operational coordination and connecting.

“PSCN is launching the first of several teleconference calls with over 30 private sector organisations and 10 multilateral organisations to develop a market capacity and risk assessment for personal protective equipment,” it said.