UAE flight ban
UAE flight ban

Coronavirus update: UAE travel ban on all flights to Iran, plus Bahrain cancels all flights to Dubai for 48 hours

The UAE has put a ban on all flights to Iran for a week to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Iran has become the epicentre for the disease in the Middle East, with 12 deaths and over 60 cases to date.

The decision to ban all flights to Iran was made by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority and is effective from Tuesday, February 25.

Flights and airlines affected include Air Arabia, FlyDubai and Emirates. Air Arabia and FlyDubai operate around 25 weekly flights to Iranian cities, while Emirates operates flights to Tehran.

The decision to ban all UAE flights to Iran due to the Coronavirus could be extended after a week according to the state news outlet WAM.

This is the second flying restriction the UAE has placed. All flights in and out of China are currently suspended apart from flights via Beijing which are heavily screened.

Bahrain cancels all Dubai flights for 48 hours

The UAE isn’t the only country to impose flight bans due to the Coronavirus.

Bahrain has put a 48-hour suspension of all flights between Dubai, Sharjah and Bahrain, affecting over 25 daily flights.

To date, 2,663 people have died from the Coronavirus. While most of the deaths have been in China, several hot spots have occurred across the world including in South Korea, China, Japan and Italy.

The UAE currently has 11 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.