Costa Coffee just made going vegan even easier
Costa Coffee just made going vegan even easier

Costa Coffee just made going vegan even easier

Vegan food is slowly but surely taking over the world thanks to its eco and health benefits and now Costa Coffee have joined in with their amazing new menu. 

Costa Coffee’s latest vegan menu is so animal-friendly it ought to come with a rescue kitten. And their food isn’t the dainty, ‘oh it tastes a bit like wood and fake cheese’ sort. 


Costa Coffee have got a vegan sausage roll, a vegan burrito and even a vegan breakfast muffin. To be honest, if DubaiLAD designed a vegan menu, they’d be the first three items on the list as well. 

The Mexican Vegan burrito looks the real deal. And having taste-tested it, we can confirm their meat-free flavours are on point. They’ve packed it with roasted pumpkin, quinoa, avocado, vegan cashew cream and more. And for all you gym-bunnies out there, they’ve wrapped it in a blanket of vegan protein bread, so you’ll have plenty of bench-pressing power for your all-important gym selfies. 

Vegan food isn’t just about being healthy as they’ve even come up with a vegan dessert with two all-natural snack bars to keep your energy levels high, which is especially important with summer coming (sorry, we mentioned the s*mmer word, we’ll warn you next time). 

Obviously, being vegan can be a great health choice as it provides high doses of certain nutrients, can help you lose weight and can be so good for the environment. And of course it means you can live a life less reliant on animals, improving their welfare. But we really love that this is proper vegan comfort food as well as being animal-free.

So well done to Costa for making the vegan leap: we can taste the future and it tastes brilliant!