Could the UAE's new quantum computer solve the world's problems?
Could the UAE's new quantum computer solve the world's problems?

Could the UAE’s new quantum computer solve the world’s problems?

Abu Dhabi is building the UAE’s first quantum computer and it’s hoped its supercomputing power can answer some of the biggest questions in the world.

According to researchers, those big questions could be finding a cure for cancer or even discovering how the universe was created. It’s also hoped the quantum computer could tackle climate change.

The Abu Dhabi supercomputer is being built at the Quantum Research Centre labs in Abu Dhabi alongside Barcelona-based Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech.

“We are at the cusp of a new era with the advent of quantum computing,” Faisal Al Bannai, secretary-general of the Advanced Technology Research Council, told The National.

“We are proud to embark on building one of these wonderful machines.”

How do quantum computers work?

OK, so we’re going to stretch our mental abilities here, so bear with us!

Computers work on a binary system of ones and zeros. It’s a very simple and effective computing language, but it’s relatively restrictive. Especially when it comes to super complex tasks.

Quantum computers work on a theory that particles can exist in two states at once. Instead of using a binary system, they use qubits which can be on and off at the same time. I know, it’s a head scratcher!

To put that into context, it would take a quantum computer five minutes to solve a calculation that would take a standard supercomputer thousands of years.

It’s also worth pointing out that quantum computers need to operate at -273.15°C. Which is literally the coldest temperature possible.

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