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Counting down to the next UAE bumper public holiday for golden jubilee celebrations

Here is something to look forward to!

In just over five weeks employees across the UAE will receive three days off, that will stretch to four for some of us!

So now the countdown has begun until early December to celebrate the UAE’s Golden Jubilee.

UAE’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations

To commemorate the occasion, the first three days of December will be paid holidays for both public and private sectors in the UAE

Wednesday the 1st of December will be the first public holiday to mark Commemoration Day, which pays tribute to those who lost their lives serving their country.

On the 2nd of December and 3rd of December, we will be celebrating the country’s 50th birthday!

And because the 3rd of December is a Friday, many people may already be off that day which also means that some lucky folks will have a total of four days off, as the 4th of December is a Saturday!

There will be loads of events taking place across the UAE that weekend to mark the Golden Jubilee celebration.

It will also be the last public holiday of 2021.

The next UAE public holiday is just around the corner

1 January 2022 will mark the first public holiday of the new year but many will lose out as it falls on a Saturday where most people are off anyway!

Win some, lose some I guess!