Photograph credit: Twitter/GDRFADUBAI

Couple From Saudi Arabia Named Their Child To Show Love For UAE

Major key alert! A Saudi couple gave birth to their second daughter in Dubai and have given it a special name for the love of United Arab Emirates.

Saudi couple named their daughter ‘Emarat’

Blessings are pouring from both the parents’ families after naming their daughter as ‘Emarat’, born on July 8th, 2018. The mother refused to disclose her name but prefers to be known as Umm(Mother) Emarat, who admitted their parents had no problems with approving the name and their elder daughter, three years old, has been living in Dubai for two years.

Photograph credit: Twitter/GDRFADUBAI

Naming a child as ‘Emarat’ has happened before too

Last year, a Kuwaiti couple gave birth to a baby giving the name ‘Emarat’ as a sign to show their love for the country during a campaign called ‘Express Your Love for UAE’ by Waiwera Artesian Water. As a result, the water company chose Baby Emarat as the winner, rewarding the family providing a lifetime supply of water.

Recently a cricketer named his child as ‘India’

Not only ‘Emarat’, but the trend of naming babies over countries is increasingly common. One such instance was three years ago when a South Africa cricketer, Jonty Rhodes named his daughter as ‘India.’ According to news outlet Mid-Day, he said “I have spent a lot of time here. What I love about India is that it’s a rich mix of culture, heritage and tradition.” He also finds India as his “second home.”

Photograph credit: Instagram/jontyrhodes

Somalia has a trend of naming daughters as ‘Istanbul’

Both Somalia and Turkey have had strong relations because of Turkey’s humanitarian aid and a training base that trains 10,000 Somalia soldiers. The bilateral relations have been so strong that many families name their daughters over the Turkish city of Istanbul, believing it’s a ‘lucky gesture’, according to Daily Sabah.