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Couple Gets Divorced Minutes After Outrageous Fight Over Meal

It’s human nature to fight when enraged, but this couple announced they are splitting-up minutes after tying the knot, all because of a food fight between their families.

Food fight

It was all smiles and happy faces among the families during the marriage rituals in a rural district in India. The couple took their vows, exchanged rings, tied the knot and were ready to celebrate. The families and guests made their way towards the buffet, where the groom’s family were left disappointed over the food selection in the buffet.

Outrageous fight after marriage

Unhappy with the buffet, one member from the groom’s family instigated a fight with a member of the bride’s family. The brawl involved punching and throwing dishes at each other in front of guests. The fight turned into a chaotic brawl until a wedding guest alerted the police. The fight came to an end soon after their arrival.

Divorce issued at the venue

Even though the fight came to an end, both the groom and bride’s families were in anger. They immediately called their lawyers to file a divorce. Within minutes after their advocates’ arrival, they completed the paperwork and the divorce was made as official. The families subsequently took back the gifts they exchanged earlier, leaving the event as a total disaster.