Covid-19 death toll in Iran could be three times higher than official figures

News is emerging that Iran may have covered up its Covid-19 statistics with the real death total triple the government’s claims.

A leaked BBC report indicates that the real death count is almost 42,000 versus official reports by the health ministry of just 14,405.

The number of cases is also much higher than official government reports. The official figure is 278, 827 but the new number is 451,024.

Even using the original official figures, Iran has been the worst-hit country in the Middle East.

Steep rise in cases

The number of cases in Iran has been rising steadily for the past few weeks.

The country went into a strict lockdown at the end of March. But restrictions were lifted in May leading to a rising number of cases. And the leaked report shows that the crisis is much worse than initially thought.

UAE using sniffer dogs

Over in Dubai, K9 sniffer dogs are being used to detect Covid-19 on travellers coming into Dubai Airport.

The sniffer dogs are being placed at airports across the UAE and have been specially trained to smell out Covid-19.

The dogs don’t actually come into contact with people. Instead, they smell ‘samples taken from the armpit.’ And the dogs are able to tell ‘in seconds if the person is infected or not.’

Incredibly, sniffer dogs are hugely effective according to the Ministry of Interior.

“Data and studies showed that detection of presumed COVID-19 cases achieved approximately 92 per cent in overall accuracy.”