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Cricket Has A New Hero From Switzerland!

From a 20 times Grand Slam champion to becoming the number one ranked batsman in international cricket, is there anything that Roger Federer cannot do?

Check out his defensive shot in the Round of 16 match

During the Round-of-16 match this Wimbledon, French player Adrian Mannarino played a backhand to Federer and in response, the Swiss Tennis icon played a forward defensive shot. The social media team at Wimbledon were quick to begin a fun-filled banter with the International Cricket Council (ICC).

No. 1 on ICC’s test batsman rankings real quick!

Much to Wimbledon’s surprise, ICC responded by temporarily updating its test batsmen rankings, placing Roger Federer at no.1! Not only that, they even shared a ’60’s Spider-Man meme of him with Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, describing them as “When greatness meets greatness”. The meme got the cricket fans cracked with laughter, commenting on the banter as “on fire” and wanting Federer to become a cricketer.

Photograph credit: Twitter/ICC

Sachin Tendulkar got involved in the banter too!

How wonderful is it to witness two sports complement at each other and especially when two iconic sportsmen involve in an amusing conversation! The cricket icon jokingly praised Federer for his “hand-eye coordination”, asking him to “exchange notes on cricket and tennis”. He had high hopes of Roger Federer winning this year’s Wimbledon title.

Photograph credit: Twitter/ICC

Roger Federer has been an avid supporter of Team India

Not just the first time the Swiss legend has been involved in showing his support for cricket, he once showed his support for the Indian Cricket Team during the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, holding their team jersey and he tweeted “Dressing up for a gentleman’s game today” before India played their first match versus arch-rivals, Pakistan.

Photograph credit: Twitter/rogerfederer