Photograph credit: Instagram

Crown Prince Introduces His New Furry Friend, Moochi

We all know how much of an animal lover Fazza is, be it a dog, squirrel or bird. This time, the Crown Prince introduced his new furry friend, Moochi the lion.

Fazza’s new pet, Moochi

Dubai’s Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum took to Instagram share a video of him and Moochi with his 7.4 million followers. He’s shown feeding meat, patting his head and playing around with the lion’s fur as he falls asleep. In fact, the white lion is a rare breed, with 11 of its kind in the wild in 2018.

Check out Fazza and Maj’s new pet dog, Tiny

Last month, the pet-loving Crown Prince shared an image of his pal, Mohammed bin Ahmed Jaber Al Harbi, aka Maj holding his new furry friend, Tiny. By the looks, we think it’s a Central Asian Shepherd. In another video posted on his Instagram stories, Fazza was shown playing with the dog and stroking his belly.

Photograph credit: Instagram

Fazza the animal rescuer

Apart from being an animal lover, Fazza often does his best to protect animals. Last September, he found an oryx running tiredly as its horns were encircled in nets. The Crown Prince shot a tranquiliser dart to immobilize the oryx and cut out the nets, followed by injecting him with what seemed to be an antidote to energize the animal. At last, the oryx was shown getting up and running to its herd.