Photograph credit: 5th Air Force

Defamatory Video Of A Crying Customer Has Received A Hefty Fine

Next time when you take a video for your Snapchat or Instagram stories, remember Dubai Police is monitoring what you’re posting especially if has a stranger in the clip.

Dubai Police fined and arresting the person for posting the video

While most of Dubai residents were enjoying the weekend, one resident was at an RTA customer service centre crying over the amount of fines his relative has received. Another person at the service centre shot a video of him crying and posted it on social media, who was immediately caught by the Dubai Police team. He got arrested with a fine that can go up to Dhs 500,000 fine and has deleted the video.

Crying man had done nothing wrong

Soon after the incident went viral, RTA made it clear the crying man had done nothing wrong. He cried over the fines his relative received while he was working for the franchised taxi corporation-Cars Taxi. They followed it by saying they’ve launched an investigation to identify the reason for the fines, which total up to Dhs 20,000.

Recently a defamatory email to RTA landed the sender with a hefty fine

RTA accused a Dubai resident of slander and defamation by sending an email expressing that he was intentionally failed in his driving road test and refused to pay for the re-test. Dubai’s criminal court gave the resident a three months imprisonment period and a fine charging Dhs 500,000. Besides RTA, another incident occurred last month when a car owner posted a series of videos mocking a fuel attendant at an ADNOC petrol pump, who is now arrested.

Defamation fines vary from Dhs 150,000-500,000

Dubai Police confirmed the arrest of the person who filmed the crying man and RTA and reminded about the punishments for performing such an action, referring to the Federal Decree Law No. 5 of 2012 on “Combating Cybercrimes (Cybercrime Law) that prohibits the invasion of an individual’s privacy by breaching their privacy, including taking pictures of others, or publishing or displaying those pictures.” Invading one’s privacy can land a minimum jail term of one year and a Dhs 150,000-500,000 fine.