Delivery bike rider gets praised by Sheikh Hamdan on social media

Well, here’s a good news story to kick off the week!

An act of kindness did not go unnoticed after a Dubai delivery bike rider was seen in a video removing concrete blocks from a road intersection.

The video shows him patiently standing in the intersection waiting for incoming traffic to stop. When the traffic light turns red, he picks up a concrete block in each hand and then tosses them off the road. The rider is then seen hurrying back to his bike, which he had parked in the opposite direction at the red light so he could remove the blocks.

The video was reportedly captured by a front seat passenger of a vehicle which was also waiting at the intersection.

Video gets the attention of Sheikh Hamdan

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, saw the video on social media. He then sought help from his millions of social media followers asking for information about the delivery bike rider saying:

An act of goodness in Dubai to be praised. Can someone point me to this man?”

He also embedded the clip of the delivery bike rider.

He’s been found!

Shortly after his tweet, he posted an update on his Insta Stories saying: “The good man has been found. Thank you Abdul Ghafoor, you are one of a kind. We will meet soon!”

What a wonderful gesture.