Forget the facemasks and jump on the latest pandemic fashion accessory
Forget the facemasks and jump on the latest pandemic fashion accessory

Ditch the masks as these Space Helmets are the latest pandemic fashion accessory

Masks have become an everyday necessity but why not up your game with one of these space helmets which offers Mars-levels of protection.

Made by Toronto-based company VYZR Technologies, the BioVYZR has now become a reality after launching on Indiegogo last year as a crowd-funded project. The project raised over $800,000 and is now in production, meaning you can get your head in one for just $250.

The head-turning space helmets comes with a 360-degree seal and anti-fog windows which those of us wearing glasses will really appreciate. You also get a battery-powered fan and hospital-grade air purifiers. And it will make you look like an extra out of a Tom Cruise sci-fi film that hasn’t been made yet.

The unit also comes with reversible gloves so you can touch your face. And the fabric around the neck is lightweight and washable. Perfect for Dubai weather.

Although, if you do still prefer a mask, may we humbly suggest these DubaiLAD face masks…

The Rock tests positive for Coronavirus

The Rock meanwhile has been urging people to wear masks after he and his family tested positive for Coronavirus.

The former wrestler who is now the world’s highest-paid actor revealed the news on Instagram.

48-year-old Johnson and his 35-year-old wife along with his two daughters acged four and two, caught the virus two and a half weeks ago. He caught it from “very close family friends” but they didn’t know where they’d caught it from initially.

And he used his Instagram post to urge respect and caution for the disease. And to wear your mask.