The Child Mandalorian
The Child Mandalorian

Do it, you must! Life-size Baby Yoda’s now on sale

Yup, you too can now own a life-size Baby Yoda, the breakout star from Disney’s ace new Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

In case you get worried that you’ll soon be sharing a room with a human-sized Baby Yoda with dinner-plate eyes, we mean it’s Yoda-sized.

The super-cute toy stands about 17 inches high, or about the same size as a small puppy. And we definitely know which one is cuter and easiest to clean up after.

The Mandalorian

For anyone not quite up to speed with the Star Wars hype, The Mandalorian is the new eight-part live-action TV show on their Disney + channel.

Set in a galaxy far, far away, 25 years after Return of the Jedi, The Mandalorian features a host of familiar faces. As you’d expect, there are plenty of evil Empire characters, the almost-invincible Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.

Just to clarify: it’s not actually Baby Yoda. He’s just the same species as Yoda, and as he’s unnamed in the show, he’s enigmatically referred to as The Child. Or Baby Yoda when you’re buying him online for yourself.

Baby Yoda could be yours for $350!

While Disney are selling their own range of cute Baby Yoda toys, this new range from Sideshow Collectibles is the real deal.

It has baby-soft hair, green skin, wispy hair and those lose-yourself eyes. Then again, at $350 plus postage to Dubai, you’d hope for something pretty epic!

If you are feeling flush, you can also pick up similar-size creations from the Sideshow Collectibles, including Stormtroopers and the Mandalorian himself. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, this could be the perfect gift for all those legions of Star Wars fans out there. Us included!