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Driver Caught Drifting Gets Dhs 40,000 Fine And Jail Sentence

A dangerous driver who was caught drifting has had his license removed, incurred an AED 40,000 fine and is currently in jail serving a 3-month sentence.

Hefty fines for offenders and spectators

Al Ain Police were alerted to a viral social media video of the driver they caught drifting and subsequently arrested him.

The driver was landed with a hefty AED 40,000 fine and a 3 month jail sentence as punishment for his irresponsible action behind the wheel. As per updated driving laws since November 2018, those watching and/or filming the stunt could also face legal action too!

Drifting is a dangerous game

These drifting stunts are often performed in the early hours of the morning when the roads are at their quietest, but the danger and hazard this poses to other potential drivers on these public roads could still be fatal.

Cases of drifting are not uncommon in the UAE. Bizarrely, another famous example was in 2017 in the public space of City Walk in the early hours of the evening. Videos from both inside and outside the car captured footage of the incident.

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a Dominic Toretto behind the wheel, there are places where you can pay for the experience of drifting safely and legally in the UAE, without the fear of imprisonment, fines and driving bans. Failing that, just stick to watching The Fast and The Furious or playing computer games for some drifting action.