Driver arrested after reckless stunts
Driver arrested after reckless stunts

Drivers arrested after stunt-driving video goes viral

Two drivers in Ras Al Khaimah have been arrested for driving recklessly and stunt-driving on open roads.

The video was taken on Sunday night in Ras Al Khaimah and shows two 4x4s driving dangerously and performing stunts. As well as handbrake turns, the cars are seen sliding and trying to drift their cars.

Two Gulf drivers aged 20 and 30 years old were arrested and their cars impounded as you can see below. The drivers have been referred to the public prosecution for legal action. And let’s be honest, driving lessons ideally.

The suspects have been charged with reckless driving and putting other people’s lives in danger in addition to damaging public property.

Dubai driver arrested

And, in another case of shocking driving, Dubai Police have arrested more drivers after a dangerous stunt. The driver was caught on camera “performing stunts on the roads and driving his car in a dangerous way. The reckless driver has been referred to the concerned authority for legal action.”

Staying in the motoring world, police in America arrested a juvenile gang of thieves after they went on a car-stealing spree.

19 kids ‘bored’ on quarantine lock-down stole 46 cars between them. Amazingly, they told police in America they stole the cars as part of a ‘social media challenge.’

In total, 46 cars were stolen in 20 different heists across Forsyth County in North Carolina worth more than $1.1 million. And it was all thanks to a Snapchat trend to take as many pictures as possible of you alongside stolen cars.