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Driving to Khor Fakkan will soon be shorter and quicker

Five tunnels between Sharjah and Khor Fakkan are near completion and will cut traveling time from one and a half hour to 45 minutes.


Sidra tunnel will be the longest tunnel in Middle East

From the 89 kilometers distance, the Sidra tunnel is 2.7 kilometers long, followed by Al Saqab tunnel(1.4 kms), Al Rogh(1.3kms), Al Ghazeer(0.9 km) and Al Salah(0.3 km). The Dubai International Airport Tunnel is currently the longest covered tunnel, stretching up to 1.5 kilometers.

Image credit: Construction Week

Recreational areas have been developed too

Recently, the Al Rafisah Dam recreation centre was built along with mosques and playground for families. At the recreation centre, there will be a restaurant with a view of the dam along with shops selling local made products. Visitors can also enjoy the waterfall with seats and playgrounds available.

Khor Fakkan is a common road trip destination

Over the years, the eastern region has been a common location for road trips during Eid or during weekends or for camping during the winter season. In addition of the Rafisah dam, there are several attractions like Al Rabi castle.

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