Emirates drone disturbance
Credit: Emirates

Drones Caused Delays and Diversions at DXB Airport

Drones caused havoc on Sunday 22nd September, creating diversions and disruptions at Dubai International Airport from 12:36pm until 12:51pm. Two flights had to change course for alternative airfields after drone sightings were reported earlier in the day.

Unwanted detours

Credit: George Kroeker / Unsplash

The affected planes, one arriving from Brisbane via Singapore and the other coming directly from Delhi, had to make an unplanned stop at Dubai World Central and Sharjah International Airport.

A spokesperson for Dubai Airports said, “Safety is our top priority and Dubai Airports is working closely with authorities and service partners to ensure normal operations and minimise inconvenience to our customers”.

After the 15 minute interruption ended, the aircraft were on their way again with the passengers being provided with hotel and rescheduling support where required.

Disobedient drones

Dubai Airport is not the first airport to be affected by drones this year and it won’t be the last. London Gatwick Airport in the UK had a monumental lock down last year after the flying objects were reported close to the runway.

In the UAE, there are some strict laws in place designed to ensure the safe and appropriate use of drones within the country. Owners of this increasingly popular technology must be registered with the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and aware of the rules that apply to operating the machines. You can even download a No Fly Zone Map from the Android and iTunes app stores now, so drone offenders really have no excuse for getting into restricted territories.

When used according to the rules, drones are a great tool for getting amazing aerial views of the city. Check out this 4K footage caught by drones.

Drones are also being used now as flying rescuers, assisting life guards at the beach! So you know, they do have their uses, but if they could also stay out of flight paths, that would be great!