Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Drones To The Rescue At Dubai’s Beaches

Dubai Municipality gets tech-savvy with the introduction of drones to assist lifeguards at Dubai’s beaches.

Drone able to rescue eight people at a time

Dubai Municipality’s ‘Flying Rescuer’ is capable of transporting four lifebuoy rings weighing up to 8kg at a time, to an accident site. Two people can use the lifesaving rings. It’s equipped with two cameras, for accurate navigation using live video transmission to help launch lifebuoys and pipes to beachgoers.

2000+ rescues at Dubai beaches

Despite continuous warnings and cautions, drowning remains an issue in the city. Since the addition of ‘Flying Rescuer’ to the municipality’s Coastal Rescue and Safety System, the test phase witnessed “zero” deaths from 2,139 rescue and relief cases. Out of which, 15% were group drowning cases where 3-4 beachgoers were rescued at a time.

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Improved safety standards for beachgoers

Keeping beachgoers’ safety the top priority, Dubai’s Environment, Health and Safety Sector is hopeful the drone will “enhance the safety principle” among the city’s beaches. Khalid Sharif Al Awadhi, CEO of Environment, Health and Safety Sector, said, “The emirate is keen to provide all safety standards for its residents and efforts are constantly being exerted in Dubai Municipality to implement practices to enhance the safety principle especially in destinations that are witnessing continuous growth in the number of visitors such as beaches.”