Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Dubai-Abu Dhabi Hyperloop On The Way For 2020 Release

It’s official: In 2020, the speedy capsule-sized hyperloop will be ready to take people on a 150 km-long journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi within just 12 minutes.

World’s first hyperloop production completed

What seemed as a “far-fetched dream” is getting closer to reality. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies made the wow-worthy hyperloop’s development official, announcing its capsule as ready and will be tested on a prototype track with its first passenger in Toulouse, France in the coming months.

On the way for 2020 release

As of now, the project has entered its first phase-building 10 km of the 150 km-long track. It’s estimated the track will be ready by 2020 and will use electro-magnetic levitation engineering to carry pods at 1,123 km/h. Simply put, it’s expected to reduce travel times between the emirates from hours to minutes.

Dubai-Abu Dhabi hyperloop “a leap over of 20th-century technology”

As much as we’re pumped up about the Hyperloop, Bibo Gresta, Chairman of the California-based startup, believes the cutting-edge tech “can be a leap over 20th-century technology directly into the 21st century.” He says, “In regions where road and railway infrastructure is scarce, Hyperloop can be a leap over 20th-century technology directly into the 21st century. In regions with developed infrastructure, Hyperloop can easily integrate and complement current and future road and rail networks.”