Dubai Airport to introduce free taxi rides on March 20

Enjoy 100 free taxi rides on March 20 from Dubai International Airport as the Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) celebrates International Day of Happiness.

Commuters and RTA employees will be rewarded.

Workforce of the RTA including inspectors, customer service staff and bus drivers will be rewarded for their contribution to RTA’s services. Employees will receive 1,600 chocolate cans with messages in them along with 2,500 Hala phone cards, 600 payment vouchers and meals to bus drivers.

Travellers and commuters will enjoy free transportation too.

Make sure to hop on the ‘Happiness Bus’ wherein one can visit places like Global Village, La Perle and Dubai Parks and Resorts for free. In addition, visitors can also enjoy kayaking for free down at the Hatta Dam lake.

Happiness is part of the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021.

Addressing six developmental aims to be achieved within three years from now, one of them is ‘The People: City of happy, creative and empowered people’ which emphasizes on making Dubai the happiest city. Similarly, the initiative ‘Smart Dubai’ also shares a similar vision, to make Dubai the happiest city in the world.