Photograph credit: Dubai Airports

Dubai Airports announces increase in parking fees by dhs 5-10

Inclusive of VAT, long term parking fees for the first hour has increased from 25 dhs to 30 dhs while short term parking fees for the first hour has increased from 20 dhs to 30 dhs.

Dubai Airports have reduced prices for long term parking.

Good news! Despite the price hike for parking for one hour, parking for one day at premium car parks will now cost 125 dhs, cut down from 280 dhs before. Whereas, parking at long term car parks now costs 85 dhs, cut down from 140 dhs before.

Dubai International Airport is the busiest airport in the world.

For four years, Dubai International Airport has held the record for the most busiest airport for international travel. Last year, it received 88.2 million visitors, 2.6 million visitors more than in 2016. The ranking is followed by London Heathrow Airport (71.03 million) and Hong Kong International Airport (70.1 million).

Abu Dhabi and Sharjah airports’ parking rates remain unchanged.

Dubai Airports’ price hike has been the first in a decade. However, in the case of Abu Dhabi airports, they charge 20 dhs to park for one hour at Terminal 1&3 while it costs Terminal 2’s Garden Parking costs 10 dhs to park for one hour. On the other side, Sharjah International Airport charges 15 dhs to park for one hour. Both Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Airports also provide an option to park for half an hour with lesser charges.

Dubai Airports’ new parking fees is now implemented. For more more information, visit or call 9714 224 5555.